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January 2019
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 Bewerbung Vers

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PostSubject: Bewerbung Vers   Tue May 25, 2010 4:15 pm

Characters Name:

Your Jobs @ 75? (dont apply with a Job you dont want to play):
PLD75,BLU75,WAR75. (Have WHM75 but don't like to use it often.)

Whats your Main, got Merrits, well equip?:
Paladin(Main) Merits - (Combat skills) Max Sword, Max Shield, Max Evasion.
Magic Skills Max Blue magic, 4 Divine Magic.
Attributes 5 STR
"Others" "Enmity Increase"+4, "Critical hit rate"+4
Paladin - Group 1&2 maxed. Warrior- Group 1 maxed. Blue Mage Group 1&2 maxed. WHM group 1&2 maxed.
As for equipment, I've been playing since the NA release and I'm satisfied with my gear. I think my jobs are well equipped.
Previous Linkshells?
LB,CRX,BBQ, sCa. (I'm still a member of BBQ and I'm joining based on the understanding that our events won't conflict with BBQ)
Why you want to join or what Items you want to obtain from Hydras.
I want to join Hydras mainly for the social aspect, it's nice to see that some sCa members are in this LS and I'm always up for learning more German.
As for items, I'm really not sure at this point. A lot of the items that I've wanted for my jobs I've been lucky enough to obtain already.

Which Endgame Experience you have?
I've basically been involved with most of the endgame content in FFXI at some point. New stuff like VNM and some of the ZNM I'm not too familliar with.
Sky & Sea Access?

Who knows you from Hydras & who can vouch for you?
People that know me in Hydras would be mostly the Ex-sCa members. I haven't had the chance to ask anybody to vouch for me yet, sorry.

One last thing I'd like to add. I'll be touring Europe from June to August so don't expect me to be online until then Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Bewerbung Vers   Tue May 25, 2010 6:01 pm

Hi Vers^^

Long time no hear :3 its nice to see you are still alife Razz
welcome in forum and hopefully soon in our LS, would be an honor for me :3
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PostSubject: Re: Bewerbung Vers   Tue May 25, 2010 8:45 pm

/welcome in the Linkshell Versail


maat 11.01.2007 22:10
Relic Armor:
Paladin: 4/5 Dark Knight: 6/6
Ninja: 6/6 Warrior: 2/6
Summoner 3/6 Samurai 3/6
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PostSubject: Re: Bewerbung Vers   

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Bewerbung Vers
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