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 English Application Guide

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PostSubject: English Application Guide   Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:43 pm

This is an Application Guide for english speaking People they want to join us.

We decided to make it possible, cause alot of non german Players want join in the last 2 Month.
And finally in this week we accepted the first non german People in our Linkshell~

First of all you need a Member in our Linkshell that can vouch for you.

Rules are simply easy: Just do your Job!
You dont need to attend every Event, your Points your Items~

Our Linkshell are 90% German People atm.
The Linkshell Forum is on German too(maybe change in the future), if you wanna know your Points etc, ask a Pearlsack or Leader.

The Hydras Linkshell is a social Shell, but we doing Limbus(Omega/Ultima), Sky (Kirin Zergs) on a Pointsystem.
Every month we have an Auction and you can Bid on Gil, Items or Equip.

We have a Job Prior on Equip-Items. So like a Corsair will not able to obtain W-Legs, if a Paladin or Redmage still missing them.
( If they have enuogh Points to obtain it)

Hydras does sometimes KSNM99, ZNM T3-T4, Ouryo & Bahamut
Rules for this Events, like select 2 Items from Pool or you will get Money for your Orb from our Bank.

We have a Salvage & Dynamis Shell called "Starfish" and everyone, who will accepted in Hydras is free to join those Shells w/o another Application.

Hydras selling sometimes Limbus or Sky Stuff to keep Gil in our Linkshell to buy Pops w/e.

Event Times.

Monday - Freeday or Events, depends on wishes from Members / 5PM GMT Salvage
Tuesday - 5PM GMT Limbus
Wednesday - 5PM GMT Dynamis
Thursday - Freeday or Events, depends on wishes from Members / 5PM GMT Salvage
Friday - 7PM GMT Limbus
Saturday - 9PM GMT Dynamis
Sunday - 3PM GMT Salvage / 5PM GMT Round Of Gods (Sky)

In the Hydra Linkshell are Members from Woopatroopas, BBQ & Limitbreak.
Hydras have a friendship to them and dont care about your personality Problems with them,
If you acting like a moron and call too much bad things about them in our Linkshell,
You will be kicked! ( No warnings, no exceptions!)

---Apllication--- (Just paste the following Part & copy it in your Post)

Characters Name:

Your Jobs @ 75? (dont apply with a Job you dont want to play):

Whats your Main, got Merrits, well equip?:

Previous Linkshells?

Why you want to join or what Items you want to obtain from Hydras.

Which Endgame Experience you have?

Sky & Sea Access?

Who knows you from Hydras & who can vouch for you?
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English Application Guide
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